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In March 2017, the North Carolina Commission on the Administration of Law and Justice issued a final report considering steps to take to restructure North Carolina courts to better serve you - the people of North Carolina. Among the things learned, 70,000 people seeking a lawyer are turned away. 80 percent of the civil legal needs of low-income people in North Carolina go unmet. As a result, people represent themselves - especially in divorce and domestic relations cases. You too can represent yourself. But you can do it with confidence when Steve and his staff are behind you.  It is widely reported that almost all family law cases settle.

The percentage is higher than 90 percent and may be closer to 98 percent. Why spend hours of wasted time creating pleadings to cement the worst of each other and your situation in public documents? Why spend months answering dockets in wasted trips to the courthouse, waiting for your case to be heard only to be told it won’t and you must come back again? With our help, you can start off on a settlement path and get to settlement quicker, easier and cheaper.

We can advise you, help you gather facts, research the law, draft documents and negotiate. You choose how much of our help you want to fit your budget, your lifestyle and your level of comfort.